About Us

*We also have Purina Mills Honor Show Chow for pigs, lambs, goats, and cattle available by order.
Beet Pulp
- Shredded
- Pelleted
- Cracked
- Whole
- Cracked
- Flaked
- Whole
- Crimped
Purina Range Cubes
- Available in 5 and 
50 lb. bags
Alfalfa Hay Cubes
-Available in 50 lb.
Alfalfa Pellets
-Available in 50 
lb. bags
​We carry a complete line of livestock products from milk replacers and starters up to maintenance and finisher feeds. We offer salt and mineral blocks as well as protein and mineral tubs along with our grains to ensure your livestock receive complete nutrition. We also have Purina Honor Show Feeds available upon order for goats, cattle, pigs, and lambs. We carry a large selection of roughage and bedding products as well. 
  • Trace Mineral Salt Blocks
  • Trace Mineral Salt Bricks
  • White Salt Blocks
  • White Salt Bricks
  • Protein Tubs
  • Vitamin and Mineral Tubs
Purina Calf Startena 
and Growena
Crossroads economically 
priced pelleted feed
​Nurse Chow 200
Range Cube