​We have been known to special order specific toys that your child has their heart set on, especially in the case of popular Breyer horses that can be difficult to track down. Around major holidays like birthdays and Christmas, we make it a priority to find what you want even if it means ordering it weeks ahead of time to make sure any special orders are here in time. We happily recommend other retail stores in the area that may have what you're looking for if you can't find it here in the store. 
Children's Toys
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Schleich Toy Display (In-store picture)
We are closing out our children's toys and gifts!  This means incredible savings for you, with prices slashed on an extensive collection of Schleich toys and Breyer horses along with board games, stuffed animals, children's bags and even top quality wooden play barns. 
Breyer Horse Display (In-store picture)
Breyer Toy Display (In-store picture)