Whether bedding the bottom of your horse stall, padding the home of your companion animal, or controlling soil erosion, we can meet all of your bedding needs at the Golden Mill. We're continually stocked with a plethora of straw, pine shavings, paper shavings, and bedding pellets. 

About Us

Pine Shavings
Paper Shavings
Bedding Pellets
*We have a large warehouse at the Golden Mill that we keep full of straw as well as roughage products including grass hay, alfalfa hay, and alfalfa/grass mix.
- Animal Bedding
- Ground Cover
- Gardening
- Archery Back Stop
- Erosion Control
- Large and Small       Animal Bedding
- Available for animals with allergies to other bedding products
- Large and Small   Animal Bedding
- Equine Bedding
- Companion Animal Bedding
​- Large and Small Animal Bedding
- More absorbent    than other forms of  bedding
Our warehouse at the Golden Mill allows for easy access for any type of vehicle so that you can conveniently pick up your bedding necessities.
We happily load all purchases for our customers, including any and all bedding and roughage products